LG G Watch Target and Amazon Discount

19 Apr , 2015  

If you haven’t gotten an Android Wear device yet and are soon to buy one, now is the time to do so. More Wear devices are coming out by different manufactures as well as newer generation of their first Wear Watches. Currently Target is offering 50% off LG’s G-Watch from the Target Cartwheel App. This makes the LG Watch $159.00 but we’ve got a better deal for you below that saves you more money for a better price.

It’s always a good thing to know what’s going on in the industry and market so to better inform you all, this is of course due to a marketing deal between LG and Target which is partially because of LG’s newer version of smart watches coming out. Along the line of  LG smartwatches are as follows:

LG Electronics G Watch – Retail Packaging – Black: $131.48 with Amazon link! (Original price: $229.99)
LG Electronics G Watch R – Smart Watch: $334.95

LG Watch Urban & Urban LTE: $(TBD)

So naturally it’s a trickle down effect as LG preps for the upcoming release of their newest smart wearable devices. We’re not sure how long the discount on their G Watch model will last but right now it’s a good time to get one. Many people have an extra spare watch they use fo alternate occasions or to simply spice up their style.