The New Android Wear Update is making things fancy

20 Apr , 2015  

In a recent announcement from Google, we’ve come to learn of a New Android Wear update rolling out sometime between this month and May. They’ve noted the importance and admiration of customizing you watch with different watch-faces and bands. Now they’re introducing a few new UI improvements and features. Let’s be honest, the timing of this is in correlation to this weeks launch of the Apple Watch and we’re 100% behind it all the way!

Always on apps


Always On Apps

The always-on features that applied to watchfaces will now also be applied to apps. This is useful for many apps. Let’s say you’re using a map application on Android Wear letting you know where you are with landmarks and street names. You’re going to be looking around but occasionally glance at your watch to associate it with your surroundings. Instead of having to raise your arm it will be in a dim ambient colorless mode until you are actively looking at it.

One of the features that has captured our attention the most is WiFi support. Android Wear devices with a built-in WiFi chip will be able to receive notifications and use apps that send data from ANYWHERE there is WiFi as long as your phone has a data connection where ever you left it. So if you leave your phone at home and you’re at a friends pool party on their WiFi network, feel free to reply to that text you get using the Coffee messaging app or whatever app you may use. Also take note that the Find my phone feature will finally work as well.

New actions

Look at the flick of the wrist! A new way to scroll through menus is done by just that, a flick of the wrist. With functionality of voice and new gestures, Wear devices have you covered to make things a bit more easier to access. The main menu interface has been improved by showing phone apps and contacts. Sometimes a swipe and a tap is faster than voice, sometimes it’s more convenient. Some fun has been added with messaging as now you can draw emojis despite your drawing skills and send them to your contacts. To clarify, the system recognizes what emoji you want to draw, however it is possible for a third party app to let you draw whatever you want to draw like shown on the Apple Watch. [Shots fired]


Luckily for LG Urban users, the latest Smartwatch releasing from LG, they will be the first to experience this new update upon launch. We’ll have a full review of the new update coming to Android Wear within the next few weeks. Android Wear may have started off slow but it’s certainly stepping up.