Play Half-Life on an Android Wear Smartwatch

23 Jul , 2015   Video

Half-Life 3 isn’t here yet, but in the meantime you can enjoy Half-Life on an Android Wear Smartwatch. It’s incredible when you think about playing a first person shooter on a watch. Yes we know, it’s a bit impractical and pointless considering the battery life wont last very long doing this, but it’s one of those “because we can” things. Dave Bennett gives a full text tutorial for you to get in on the action. In the video it seems to play out surprisingly smooth.


This has use wondering what type of capability will developers push for next-gen Android Wear smartwatches. The second Generation of Wear devices will make things a bit more feasible and add new features that could be utilized whether is emulator based or original content specifically made for Wear. In the future we wont be surprised to here Half-Life 4 confirmed for Smart e-paper or some futuristic net-gen Google Glass successor. Nothing is impossible!