Moto 360 2nd Gen

16 Sep , 2015  

The successor to the most popular Android Wear smartwatch launches this month. Moto360 2nd Gen for Android Wear aims to give people and overall refined experience from the first Moto360 watch. The 360 being the flagship Android Wear watch for google is well known for it’s looks of a fully circular watch design minus the ambient light sensor bar (flat tire). The battery was decent on the original 360 as well. It wasn’t until the LG G Watch R and Urban came out when we realized the Moto360 could use some improvements now rather than later.

As Motorola release your customize Moto360 2nd Gen via MotoMaker or retailer this September, users will enjoy a more tailored and customization smartwatch just for them. It helps your style preference stand out being expressible while still being a part of the ecosystem.


Be together, not the same


There are three main models to choose from the Moto360 2nd gen device. With the 42mm design options for women and men the last leave a bigger watchface of 46mm. Both 42mm watches have 300mAh of battery which is a slight step down from the original 320mAh of the first Moto360. However, the 46mm version is boosted to 400mAh of battery with Ambient off. The new moto360 has the same amount of storage and RAM as the first generation. Dual digital mics are also a new welcomed feature to help dictation with Android Wear be even more carefree.

In addition to the three regular models will come a sports version of the second generation Moto360 Android Wear watch later this year. The sports version will have a non removable band so this is really for sports driven people who are going to be more active with their watch than any other occasion. The durability is there so you’ll be less worried about potentially scratching your nice flashy smartwatch. Getting the sports version also gets you an ‘AnyLight’ display coupled with a built-in GPS just like the Sony SmartWatch 3. The sporty UV coated Moto360 2nd Gen is priced at $299 like it’s regular counterparts. Stay tuned for updates on the new Moto360 v2 as well as other Android Wear smart devices.


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