Read PDFs and More With Documents Viewer On Android Wear

19 Jan , 2016  

Documents Viewer on Android Wear brings a little convenience in productivity to your smartwatch this year. You may be wondering why you would want to read documents on your smartwatch in the first place.  It’s pretty much for those moments where you need a quick glance in a very well made interface. If the text needs to be enlarged, simply pinch or tap the screen to zoom. The app also lets you launch documents up on your phone as well.

The app is listed as free but the free version only shows page 1 of a document. Of course the full version is without that limitation but if you mostly have 1 page documents, that’s good for getting you by if you need to read them on your watch. The developer, appfour, has released apps such as Web Browser, Video, Messages, and Mail for Android Wear with even a few more other than those 3 apps.

It’s good to see things like this being made for Android Wear smartwatches whether you consider them a novelty or of great use. It’s always good to have options and that’s something we’re starting to see a lot more of this year. What do you think of Documents Viewer On Android Wear? Let us know in the comments or on our Twitter and Facebook pages. We’ll have more Android Wear goodness here and AndroidWearBase.