Top 10 Apps For Android Wear You Need To Be Using In 2016

1 Jan , 2016  

It’s 2016 and we’ve had a year to sift through all the new Android Wear apps that have recently come out. There will be bigger changes coming to Android Wear soon in 2016. So to help keep you in the loop of whats capable now and whats coming to Android Wear, we’ve put together our top 10 apps for android wear you need to be using now in 2016. These are are in no particular order.

1. Wear Store

[appbox googleplay goko.ws2]

If you are using the Google Play store currently to find Android Wear apps, you’ll have to include the word “wear” to only get Wear apps. Google doesn’t have an official way to sort out and categorize wear apps exclusively without pulling up an Android app not relating to wear at all. Wear Store does a pretty good job and giving categories for your Android Wear app needs. You setting your preferences to your watch of choice as well.


2. Wear Mini Launcher

[appbox googleplay com.npi.wearminilauncher]

Even though Google has improved the Android Wear interface, many still hold Wear Mini Launcher as a favorite for navigating around their smartwatch. You can customize the look of the interface, sort apps in whichever way you’d like, and it comes with useful toggles and battery meters for both your devices.


3. WatchMaster, Watchmaker, Facer

[appbox googleplay dd.watchmaster]

Speaking of customization, we went ahead and included most likely the top 3 watchface apps for Android Wear. As long as you have one of these, you’ll get more out of Android Wear watchfaces other than just seeing ones in the Google Play store at face value.


4. TypeIt Wear SMS

[appbox googleplay com.exaud.typeitwearsms]

There have been a great handful of messaging apps for Android Wear but the spotlight is shining on a new contender. TypeIt Wear SMS is fantastic. You have the ability to choose preset phrase that you can customize as well as type out messages T-9 style (Pressing the buttons a certain amount of times to get the corresponding letter). This is ideal for discretely typing in quick messages when you cant talk. There is dictation built in too so you are covered there. You can even see the chat history from your messages as you would on your phone. This is what we’ve been waiting for in an Android Wear messaging app.


5. Stocard

[appbox googleplay de.stocard.stocard]

Keep most of those gift cards and reward cards that you have at home. Instead of adding to the bulk or your wallet or purse, store them in the Stocard app. Stocard has amazing Android Wear support both visually and functionality. It also saves you time at the register and gives you a few compliments, just don’t get too cocky, hah.


6. WearMedia

[appbox googleplay qubin.de.wearmedia]

WearMedia is for those who want to do just that, wear their media. Regardless of whether you have your phone with you or not, you can store pics and music onto your watch. Everyone should be aware of listening to your music on your watch via bluetooth headphones. The audio player resembles what would be found in a SoundCloud app if one was ever made. You can scroll and tap on the audio waveform of the music track. Pics can be zoomed in when viewing too.


7. Google Keep

[appbox googleplay com.google.android.keep]

Google Keep is probably the note and reminder taking app with the best functionality. You can do everything from your watch without taking out your phone for more details unlike other apps. From simple task or list, even throw some emojis in. You can color code your notes and also have further options to include pictures in the app on your phone.


8. DO Button by IFTTT

[appbox googleplay com.ifttt.dobutton]

This app for Wear makes automation a simple one hit click. You set up task with IF by IFTTT, let’s say to turn on your smart lights or to sync something, and it does everything in the background. Many use the app so despite you cooking up your own task, you can browse task others have already thought of.


9. Google Authenticator

[appbox googleplay com.google.android.apps.authenticator2]

For those who are getting into two factor authentication for added security, why not make it much more easier for you. Say you log into a website, but to make sure it’s actually you, your authenticator gets you to put in the evolving passcode from your phone. Simple go to the app on your watch and save more time to view your passcode. This is especially useful the more things you set up with two factor authentication.


10. Shazam

[appbox googleplay com.shazam.android]

Music is everywhere, there shouldn’t be a single person who doesn’t like music. There’s many times where you hear something the sounds great and interesting that you want to know the title of it. Thanks to track id/music identification apps, we let the computers do the work for us so you dont have to look like a crazed new fan asking everyone around you “Do you know that song?!”. Fortunately Shazam has enabled Android Wear support so you are more likely to ID the song before it hits with the touch of a button.


These aren’t the only cool and useful apps for Android Wear but we felt these were the most prominent for Googles smartwatch ecosystem. What do you think of these apps? Let us know and join AndroidWearBase on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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