What’s New For Android Wear In 2016?

2 Jan , 2016  

It was March 2014 in which Android Wear initially launched and since then, things have been progressing on the platform. However, Android Wear has still yet to reach its full potential. We think Android Wear in 2016 will finally get to that point. Let’s take a look at the new features and introductions to Android Wear that could be made this year.

Speaker support:

The Huawei Watch does have a speaker, but at the moment, it isn’t being used until Google pushes the official update for speaker support. Speakers for Android Wear devices on FW 1.4+ would provide a benefit for those who are not near their phone. As you are aware, Android Wear supports the use of connecting to a Wifi network. This can be useful for apps that send messages via audio. When your hands are full and you can’t hold your phone, the built in mic would indeed be another convince.

Not only that, but the obvious main benefit would be getting audio notifications from Ok Google. We see more Android Wear smartwatches having speaker support coming this year in 2016. The Apple Watch had launched with a speaker and we think Google is ready to play ball as well. Not to mention it would be another feature to appeal to Android fans with the second generation Apple Watching coming out soon.


Google Project Soli:

This ambiguous project from Google is pretty crazy. It’s looking to tag along to wearables creating new ways for interaction. Project Soli was demoed last year but in 2016, we think we’ll start seeing concepts for it with Android Wear development. A full blown implementation of Project Soli most likely wont happen in 2016 but it will be the start.


Battery Life: 2017..

Honestly, we think battery life will not have a significant increase overall this year for Android Wear smartwatches. The main focus this year will be the platform starting to fine tune it’s system and functionality with new and improved features. Therefore, we foresee a battery life increase overall for Android Wear in 2017.



We will see more variety in Android Wear smartwatches. Right now, formal watchmakers such as Casio and Fossil are joining the smartwatch party. We’ll see a more uniform blend of watches come out as well as some interesting other designs roll out. The be together, not the same tag line will become even more apparent. After all, Apple has caught on to some customization with new watchband lineups for its Apple Watch.



This year in 2016 we think we’ll finally start seeing more Android Wear apps actually look well made. Those early concepts of Wear apps will start being the norm. Big name brand companies will finally start getting involved with Android Wear as they have been with the Apple Watch. This is especially true with the increase of interest in smart tech and automation.

Apps will start making use of new Android Wear features such as an improved mic, built-in speaker and more. Also see our Top 10 Apps For Android Wear You Need To Be Using In 2016 post to see the most essential apps to date.

With Apple Watch 2 likely to be announced early this year, surely Google and third parties will want to be on their A game. Its an interesting time for smart wearables. Android Wear in itself will expand it’s horizons. We can’t wait for what’s to come. Let us what you’re looking forward too. We’ll have more Android Wear and smart tech news here at AndroidWearBase.

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