Android Wear App Permissions And More Improvements Coming Soon

9 Feb , 2016  

Motorola is now rolling out a new update for it’s latest Moto 360 2nd gen model. It host some new features like¬†Android Wear app permissions as well as other improvements. Take a look at it all in their release notes:

Android Wear App Permissions and more

More Battery Saving Methods

Doze mode will be useful for those of us trying to use theater mode as a way to save battery on our smatwatches. Theater mode simple keeps distractions at bay and accidentally watchface interaction from happening. However in theater mode for Android Wear, things are still happening in the background. Doze mode will put the whole watch into a deep sleep state which shuts down background processes. This is a necessary step for Google’s Android Wear platform as battery life is essential for a smartwatch.

The additional screen dimming if for those who like having ambient mode and always-on mode enabled, yet saving them a step in optimizing their watch. When you have ambient mode on, there is indeed times through out the day where it could have been turned off to save battery life. So with this new update it will help optimize the screen’s settings for you when its not in use. When we couple the new battery saving methods with the new features that one mayor may not use, we might end up breaking even on the battery performance in Android Wear at the end of the day. At least we get new Android Wear features without significantly sacrificing the battery life further in a way.

Android Wear App Permissions

Android Wear App Permissions are soon on their way; a feature that took awhile to gain real traction on Android smartphones in itself. Of course we have went over the new wrist gestures that are coming with the Android Wear Marshmallow update as well. This list is a nice little teaser curtsy of Motorola and we’ll be on the look out for more updates to Android Wear as they come here at Android Wear Base.