New Android Wear Speaker Support Update Incoming

8 Feb , 2016  

The new Android Wear speaker support update is now rolling out these next few weeks from Google. It’s something many of us have anticipated in our smartwatches. Most people who use “Ok Google” on their smartphones for information have their little pocket assistant enunciate an answer to their questions. That means less time staring at your device, more time carrying on with what you are doing; it’s seamless. Guaranteed, the people who weren’t in favor of making calls by talking to their watch will find the speaker support handy from the “Ok Google” feature.

Android Wear Speaker Support

Android Wear Speaker Support Is Convenient


Google knows there are situations that can preoccupy you with your hands full. Grocery bags, coffee, working on equipment, etc., will put your Android Wear task/query on hold. Voice actions coupled with the navigation gestures we spoke of before are heading your way. With voice actions expanded for Android Wear, you can task certain apps to send messages or commands with apps like WeChat, Hangouts, and more that support the feature.

Be aware that your Android Wear smartwatch will of course need to actually have a speaker. The ASUS ZenWatch 2 as well at the Huawei Watch both have one. Make and receive calls via bluetooth. Consider the fact that you can be over WiFi and use your Android Wear watch without your phone own you, it would be pretty cool to do the same with voice apps. All we need now is a camera on Android Wear and people will be streaming live on Periscope and Facebook from their Android Wear smartwatch soon (Yes, we’re kidding)!

Let us know how you’ll be using the new Android Wear speaker support update in your life. We’ll have more Android Wear news for you here at Android Wear Base. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram.