AsteroidOS Open Source For Android Smartwatches Looks Promising

7 Mar , 2016   Gallery

AsteroidOS Open Source Smartwatch Project

There is great potential for the AsteroidOS open source smartwatch project. Being lead by the community with little restrictions if any, this is a very good thing for everyone. Not only is it great for those who will be using newly developed features on AsteroidOS, but it will fuel ideas for Android Wear as well later on. There will be many apps and features in the spotlight that will make both Google and Smartwatch makers impressed. Currently still in development, it’s full potential is not yet seen. So far it’s been shown running on the LG G Watch as well as the LG Urbane.



What we’re looking forward to the most has probably got to be the main interface and menu system tweaks. The card system on Android Wear is nice, however when you look at things like the Gear S2’s interface, we wish we could change it up sometimes. Yes, there are of course Wear launchers, but they can only do so much with the current rules of the Android Wear OS. This new open source freedom may even go as far as to allow new and easier ways of device interaction for perhaps bluetooth speakers and more.


You can see more of whats going on with AsteroidOS at their site. If you’re up for installing it, let us know what you think. We’re looking forward to seeing more from them and what the community creates. For more going on with Android wearables, check back here at Android Wear Base and on our Twitter as well as our Facebook page.