Google Pushes Calculator Into Android Wear App

30 Mar , 2016  

Today Google pushed out it’s calculator into an Android Wear smartwatch app. The update requires Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This has been done in the past with other apps such as the flashlight, reminder, and weather apps on Android Wear. Most of these are essentials and with Google behind development you can be assured for optimized wear apps. Former calculator apps that have released have been hit or miss. Some took up a hefty amount of space as well.

[appbox googleplay]

Since Google is on a roll with native applications for Android Wear, we’re left pondering what will be next.  What would you like to see become a native Android Wear app? On the other hand, perhaps you aren’t exactly thrilled by another app being forced into Android Wear. This brings up the concern of possible bloatware clogging up your smartwatch. We all know how much people aren’t fond of that on their smartphones. We’ll have more news on Android wearables here at Android Wear Base to come.