2knock Android Wear App Vocalizes Notifications

7 May , 2016   Video

More developers are bringing the ease of access factor into wear applications as time moves on. The 2knock app for Android Wear reads messages and missed calls out loud on your phone. This is great for lengthy messages that you want to hear while multitasking. You simply knock/tap your watch to hear notifications once activated.

2knock Android Wear App

[appbox googleplay ru.astrosoft.twoknocks.publish&hl=en]

2knock Android Wear App


Going through messages is possible just by knocking on the watch as unread notifications are queued up. We are unaware if the app currently outputs audio from Android Wear watches with built in speakers. The app isn’t completely finished as it’s in an alpha state with more improvements to come. Check it out and tune in for more Android wearable news here at Android Wear Base.