Android Wear Compatibility With Windows Phone, Do People Care?

6 May , 2016   Video

Android Wear compatibility with Windows Phone is in the works by developer TMKira. In this latest video a custom notification is demonstrated with a Lumia 950 and a LG Watch Urbane. Iphone users already have the benefit of Android Wear smartwatches opposed to Apple’s own smartwatch. Where there is a will there is a way, or at least more options when Android is involved.


Ditch the Apple Watch, Android Wear supports iPhones

Microsoft’s Smartband


With Windows Phones being arguably a ‘failed’ smartphone ecosystem, the question arises; are there that many users that care for this? Microsoft has their own smart wearable mostly for fitness, and from what were hear it’s not very comfortable to wear. The Microsoft Band interestingly enough can sync with Android or iPhone over bluetooth. What do you think about Android Wear with Windows Phones? If you have one let us know and stay tuned for more Android wearable news here at Android Wear Base.