Android Wearable Watch Face

19 May , 2016  

WatchFace- Live Fire Wallpaper
A watch is not simply an item worn on ones wrist or in ones pocket as a way to keep time, but a statement that mirrors the uniqueness of its wearer. WatchFace- Live Fire Wallpaper, from Osthoro, is a new wearable app that allows users to express themselves with a unique animated fire wallpaper. Try not to get distracted as mesmerizing flames dance around your wrist. Watch the video and try it out today!

Available On Android
Here are all the Styles I currently have:
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Realistic Graphics
This animated wallpaper features HD graphics, smooth animations and variable flame speeds for a realistic look that’s sure to impress.
Unique Design

Osthoro is quickly emerging as a go-to provider of unique and animated backgrounds for wearable devices. Check out our other styles by clicking here

About The Developer

Osthoro is creating an ever growing series of watch faces that individually cater to distinct stylizations. Each watch face has it’s purpose in the greater scheme of an ever growing spectrum of character and appeal. Watch faces are android apps which are downloaded from google play onto an android handheld device. The app is then installed onto a smartwatch via the Android Wear app over bluetooth. We create the best available smart phone applications for android powered devices. Our products are available on the Google and Amazon app stores. We are highly competitive on Google Play and are the third competitor on the Amazon app store for smart watch watch faces. We have been profiled on news networks such as FOX, ABC, NBC and CBS. Our outlook is to provide a positive experience with the use of mobile technology. Our primary website is: All available watch faces can be found at that website address.

Complete App Details
– HD Animated Graphics
– Variable flames for added realism
– Requires Android Wear
– Works on most square and round devices
App Name: WatchFace- Live Fire Wallpaper
Developer Name: Imtiaz Ahmed
Contact Email: [email protected]
Official Website:
Company: Osthoro
Release Date: April 14, 2016
Category: Personalization
Version: 3.0
Price: Free