Android Wearable Watch Face

19 May , 2016  

WatchFace- Live Fire Wallpaper
A watch is not simply an item worn on ones wrist or in ones pocket as a way to keep time, but a statement that mirrors the uniqueness of its wearer. WatchFace- Live Fire Wallpaper, from Osthoro, is a new wearable app that allows users to express themselves with a unique animated fire wallpaper. Try not to get distracted as mesmerizing flames dance around your wrist. Watch the video and try it out today!




Top 10 Apps For Android Wear You Need To Be Using In 2016

1 Jan , 2016  

It’s 2016 and we’ve had a year to sift through all the new Android Wear apps that have recently come out. There will be bigger changes coming to Android Wear soon in 2016. So to help keep you in the loop of whats capable now and whats coming to Android Wear, we’ve put together our top 10 apps for android wear you need to be using now in 2016. These are are in no particular order. More…

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You need a launcher for Android Wear: Wear Mini Launcher App Review

20 Apr , 2015   Video

Android Wear users will have varying lifestyles in which they’ll all want different kinds of apps.  When you have over 15 apps, you might not want to keep scrolling through a single column of apps especially if you’re trying to do something quick. Of course you could “Ok Google” the app but you need something better in case that doesn’t work or if it just takes too long. Check out the review of one of the best launchers for Android Wear in Wear Mini Launcher.