New Android Wear update prepares for WiFi

22 Apr , 2015  

Google has pushed out the new Android Wear update in the Play Store that prepares for WiFi future support of Wi-Fi in Android Wear devices. Version also fixes up a few additional bugs. The thing is, not all Android Wear devices will be able to use Wi-Fi. It’s is unfortunate, but these were first gen Android Wear watches and not everyone, including company’s, knew the potential of these devices.



The New Android Wear Update is making things fancy

20 Apr , 2015  

In a recent announcement from Google, we’ve come to learn of a New Android Wear update rolling out sometime between this month and May. They’ve noted the importance and admiration of customizing you watch with different watch-faces and bands. Now they’re introducing a few new UI improvements and features. More…


You need a launcher for Android Wear: Wear Mini Launcher App Review

20 Apr , 2015   Video

Android Wear users will have varying lifestyles in which they’ll all want different kinds of apps.¬† When you have over 15 apps, you might not want to keep scrolling through a single column of apps especially if you’re trying to do something quick. Of course you could “Ok Google” the app but you need something better in case that doesn’t work or if it just takes too long. Check out the review of one of the best launchers for Android Wear in Wear Mini Launcher.



Will the Apple Watch effect Android Wear negatively?

20 Apr , 2015  

With the Apple Watch releasing with such media publicity regardless of anything that has already been out on the market, it makes one wonder it it will negatively impact Android Wear and any other wearable such as Pebble. Without a doubt there are more Android users than iOS iPhone users in the world. However when it comes to apps, we see more quality and variety on the iOS platform. Quite often among the many sectors of the internet, there is all ways a person asking or ranting about an app being exclusive on iPhone. Where does this take us with wearable devices? Despite whether the Apple Watch is better then Android Wear, Pebble or any way you spin it, the real question to ponder is what the majority of developers will prefer.



LG G Watch Target and Amazon Discount

19 Apr , 2015  

If you haven’t gotten an Android Wear device yet and are soon to buy one, now is the time to do so. More Wear devices are coming out by different manufactures as well as newer generation of their first Wear Watches. Currently Target is offering 50% off LG’s G-Watch from the Target Cartwheel App. This makes the LG Watch¬†$159.00 but we’ve got a better deal for you below that saves you more money for a better price.