Android Wearable Watch Face

19 May , 2016  

WatchFace- Live Fire Wallpaper
A watch is not simply an item worn on ones wrist or in ones pocket as a way to keep time, but a statement that mirrors the uniqueness of its wearer. WatchFace- Live Fire Wallpaper, from Osthoro, is a new wearable app that allows users to express themselves with a unique animated fire wallpaper. Try not to get distracted as mesmerizing flames dance around your wrist. Watch the video and try it out today!




Watchfacepro website lets you make Android Wear Watchfaces

23 Jul , 2015  

There have been a release on numerous apps on the Play Store to allow people to make a watchface. In these apps you would have a varied learning curve in how to customize it to your content. However there easiest watchface maker that is out there is Watchfacepro. The website lets you make Android Wear Watchfaces with ease and no coding. More…